Monday, 21 October 2013

ALPINE societe des automobiles




Anonymous said...

Awesome work Senja!... Looking forward to see the model!
Didn't know your were doing an internship at Renault!... Hope they'll propose you a job after that!

Anonymous said...

Finally happend! oh my Gosh!!!! It's so amazing!!!!! so impressive! i think it was best diploma project which was in MAMI! so wait for your model!

Anonymous said...

Сеня, поисковые рендеры, что чб -- это взрыв!!! почему не стал развивать эту идею дальше?.. все остальное тоже мега круто, молодец!

Roma Voit said...

Senja! you made outstanding work! your model is perfect. I am really glad that your model isn't cosmic and too futuristic, but very real, it can be on the roads today, but it's so unusual and fresh and very Alpine!
P.S: you have video of your degree, I think you must upload it here...))))))

Senja said...

Hey gays! Thanks for you comments and words!
To Yann..nice to see you here.. i listened some words about you from mine chief - Stephan Barral- do you now him? he is crazy gay))) very cool designer and teacher.. cam you give me you e-mail?..
To anonimos i tried to do something most professional work which is possible for me now.. to do something unusual - that is so simple.. Now everybody try to do that.. i think that is not so right way. And for mine diploma- mine direction was to do car for road.. not for star wars=) next one.. i very like some sketches from time when i began that project.. but problem also was to do alpine - not something else.. Prodact ALPINE .. based on ferrari enzo package..
So i think.. for time which i have for mine scale model-way of change which i did.. i think final design is lux nice.. lux better then was when i only began mine work... but thanks for you comment.. that is important to hear different opinion about mine work!
Voit!!! i kick you ass)))) forget about video- this one is on russian and quallity is not so good.. that place is not for that video actually also .. only sketches.. only work without stop. thanks dude - see you! =)

Roma Voit said...

welcome vodka! )

mishinedition said...

ну круто, твой проект лучший чуваак! )))

sasha selipanov said...

voobshe super!

andrey sulemin said...

У Арсения видимо здоровые яйца, вот он и крут)
теперь над вопросом самого крутого проекта МАМИ можно думать, выбор шириться!

Daniel said...

Hey Senja,

looks great, I like your surfacing skills! Can't wait to see a model of it. Plus your english is improving, mega!

Cosmic Daniel

Anonymous said...

Hey Senja!
When you say "gays" do you mean "guys" or is it some friendly russian style way of speaking? ;)
It's quite funny when you read your comment with what gay actually means (specially the part with Stephan!)
Anyway, yeah I know him and yeah he's kinda crazy but he's a really nice guy!

Senja said...

ha ha you're right)))) funny i not so good can write sometimes))) but anyway i didn't try to say something like.. gays)))pardon =) i better speak then write usually..
thank's guys for comment again! that is important for i sat that already..

gousman said...

Поздравляю с защитой, коллега! Молодец, очень достойный проект! Держи свои фишки дальше! Удачи!

Kris said...

Hello Senja,

You don't know me but I know some friends of yours. I am already fan of your work for a while but after seeing this I had to drop you a comment! AWESOME! Especially the sketch with the A220 from the front kicks ass big time!


Kris Vancoppenolle

Your Toenal said...

"Hey Gays!"
Holy sheep shit, I almost choked on my own saliva reading the "crazy gays" comment. Funny stuff. Work looks fantastic. Congratulations on your internship Senja. Looking forward to see the model in 3d.

P.S you should start all of your post with "Hey Gays!" I will laugh everytime! Congratulations again!

Aurel. said...

I am very very very impressed by your final result. I'm a fan of Alpine since my childhood and I'm just able to congratulate you for the way you played with the Alpine's DNA.


Deyan Denkov said...

Hey, hey I think, I know this model ;) I am happy to see it in one peace :):) Very good work Senja, "I LIKE"!

See you soon, Spok :)


anton shamenkov said...

well, sounds like you've had a gay ol' (весело провёл) time in romania. ))) like i've said before really awesome work. a bit surprised to see something this mature from you, which is not a bad thing at all. good luck! i think you're going to do fantastic wherever you end up.

Senja said...

thank's guys!!
so many people!!!
Kris!! hey dude!!Thank you for comment! that is so pleasure hear! thank's!!
Where is JOHHNY? did you kill him?? =)

to gousman-thank you!i will try)))

to toenal.. i think that was last time)) but you can laugh everytime)) that is good for you condition =) thank you!

hey Dido! spok are you?)))))) i hope we are meet soon.. i hope..

Senja said...

Oh Padre))) that time was very nice!! a lot of experience for me for so short time!! my internship was very good and i will remember that time!)))So thank you and see you!

Vaughan Ling said...

amaaaazing! The alpine rear render on the road blew me away! Thanks so much for posting these, very inspiring.

Senja said...

you're welcome =)thank's

Anonymous said...

Hi Senja!

Great work, I like it!
My favorite is the little ridge on the nose, it's so sweet :)

Miroslav Dimitrov said...

Hello Senja...

Congratulations for the Great diplom work you did! Amazing work really... I honestly think that the 2D sketchwork outshines the real model. Lot's of ideas...lot's of talent..lots of lovely things in general :)For me, however, the first sketches have more potential than the last ones. At the other hand side...the real model get's closer to the old Alpine.

When comes to the topic...I think you could have come up with much more interesting thing TO DO for a diplom work...because RE-design of an old car doesn't sounds serious enough to me! But..I don't wanna spoil the party.. Sincere Compliments to you!

Good luck with the jobsearch!


Anonymous said...

this is very impressive and positive car. thanks a lot for info, picts and inspiration

Anonymous said...

Nice model Senja! In my mind an Alpine is a bit more compact than this but anyway, the design you've done is nice! Congrats!

Senja said...

Miro hello!
Do you know one from degree which happen in every college in the world for last year some example really good prodaction car??
(I remember some car- one car from forzheim in last winter- Woosong- he is best! Kris one year ago.. some cars else..but that is not enought!!)
i cannot imagine something from work of students from world college on a road.. i think usually they doing diploma like on nice picture and art..and nothing else..But where is design??? i cannot understand!!
And i think that is not right way. So i tryed to do something different..
i don't think so- what my diploma is best example..of prodact car, but i not agree what to designers for degree very important to do only nice pictures..and crazy project

Here in russia somebody think what i did my diploma progect and afraid some guys frome commision on degree show..who probably couldn't understand cosmos for diploma project.. bla bla bla..
i can say that is not right- i did that project for himself and tryed to do something more like on good design.. yes i know that is not so good finish.. but for first model i think that is good.. that is first model but not last!!

but anyway thank you for you opinion!

Yann yes!! i absolute agree.. best package for my diploma(for alpine) was porshe 911 or something like that..i chose package Ferrari enzo before i to know what i will to do alpine.. so after that i couldn't change my package..and i finished project with package of ferrari..
Thank you again! =)

Miroslav Dimitrov said...

Hey dude!

It's miro again :)
Thanks for the detailed reply! I could see where you're coming from. I still see things different, but COMPLTELY AGREE with you. Considering the things you're pointing out as're quite right! If you still wish to talk over it...reach me on the skype/icq :)

Sorry for last night's game! I supported RUSSIA, but the spaniards really played much better! Next time...


Anonymous said...

the model and imagfes are reaaly cool!
Congrats for the diploma!!!

Anonymous said...

Big talent, Senja!

I have to say that i don`t no anyone who can sketch better then you and anyone who have such a clear,interesting and simply ideas.
the professional guys should exsercise a lot and some of them missing a talent.

You have a great future.Don´t take the first job offer, becouse there a going to by many, many more!

Respect for your great work.

Good luck!

Sorry, but that i have to stay anonymous!

Joris Mertens said...

Really amazing stuff man! Your sketches are mindblowing!

Greetz Joris

bruno said...

Superbes dessins dans lesquels on retrouve l'essence de l'A110. Voila longtemp que l'on decouvre ci et la des etudes de la berlinette, mais jamais l'ame de la berlinette n'a semble si proche sur tes derniers dessins.

Bravo et merci ... Paka i davai !

waldezign said...

Eh Man, your skills are properly amazing, astonishing, stunning! Either your sketching abilities or your rendering talents (wow effect guaranteed: I love your contrast tricks), or also your design taste. Maybe I just might regret that you almost never publish "standard cars" renderings, but I'm sure you are as good for a Twingo as for a Alpine Revival!
Frankly, you are the best young designer I've seen since a very long time! (The former was Benoit Jacob, Renault Spyder designer) Good Luck to you!

Sussman said...

E x p l o s i o n ! !
congratulations, I look forward to hearing which studio is lucky enough to bring you on board.
Too bad for me I have to print out all these sketches for my referance book! =)

blog "les belles alpine du nord" said...


félicitation pour ce magnifique projet
tous les alpinistes rêvent d'une nouvelle alpine et grasse à vous
peut être le retour de la marque alpine car votre réalisation est très proche de la berlinette
encore un grand bravo

Lil Design Boy said...

superb job in all aspects- design, sketches,renderings, everything! please check out my blog/and can comment...thanks

une pensée pour Mr Jean-Rédelé said... notre club alpine renault------------Bonjour Arseny!!! AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNEEEE!!!! C'est toi son disingner YES fabulous car tu es le futur d'Alpine.c'est très beau BRAVO!!! (je suis un artiste peintre j'aime l'abstrait).Par contre en ordi je suis nul mais bon j'adore le délire des couleurs a+ louis